• Mixing/Mastering
  • Video Scoring
  • On-location Recording
  • Live Performance Audio Engineering


  • PC maintenance
  • Home Studio Maintenance and Installation services
  • Digital and Midi Studio maintenance and Installation services
  • Radio Maintenance


  • Digital Studio Basics
  • EMP on Ableton Live
  • Recording and Mixing/Mastering Tips
  • Guitar and basic music theory classes
  • Usage of OSX and Win7
  • Home Studio Setup tutorials

In XYaudio we are familiar with the following DAW software.

  • Ableton Live Suite
  • Pro Tools 10
  • Steingberg Cubase
  • Logic Pro X
  • Samplitude Music Studio
  • Native Instruments Traktor

and plugins from:

  • Waves
  • Native Instrumets
  • Lexicon
  • FabFilter

Short Resume

Chris has been around a PC since he was born in the 80’s. And when he grew up he found out that he loves music… Guess what comes out of that combination. So after getting his diploma in Audio Engineering from SAE Institute in Athens he started working in a radio station and paying very close attention in his former tutor and owner of a mastering studio. From there on he created XYaudio which was meant to be a showcase/portfolio project and end it up an umbrella for a lot of music to get under. Goal of this project is to give a step to new, innovative audio and visual artists in any manner possible. XYaudio has come today to be a full grown, “Do It Ourselves” project looking to bring something new in todays marching industry. Of course we get some free time so DJing is in the menu as well.